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North Rock Medication Clinic/Pharmacy

North Rock is a collaborative effort between North Care Center and Red Rock Behavioral Health Services. It provides psychiatric evaluations, pharmacological management, and medication training and support for clients of North Care and Red Rock.

North Rock Community Pharmacy is located at Red Rock’s main facility in Oklahoma City at 4400 N. Lincoln Blvd. To assist clients who need medication refills, the pharmacy has a refill phone line. The refill line is checked regularly and the consumer has a minimum wait to pick up medication refills.

In addition to North Rock, medication clinics are provided on a regular basis at other Red Rock locations. Prescriptions are faxed to the North Rock Pharmacy, filled, and returned by either direct mail or courier. During FY09, 13,671 medication clinic visits were provided to Red Rock clients.

In order to increase accessibility to medication clinic services, Red Rock developed a Telemedicine network that consists of 13 videoconferencing endpoints spread out over 10 Red Rock locations. Telemedicine uses audio and video multimedia telecommunication equipment which permits two-way real-time communication between the health care provider and a client who are not in the same physical location. Telemedicine services are used to provide Medication Clinic to more rural and underserved locations. During FY09, Red Rock provided 2,210 medication clinic visits through our Telemedicine network.

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