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Contact Red Rock Behavioral Health Services

We are a comprehensive behavioral health service provider operating in 14 counties of Oklahoma.

Please feel free to contact us for information and with any questions about mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Red Rock’s organizational description, mission statement, annual goals and objectives, and outcome measurements are available to the general public upon request. The governing authority’s source of authority is available to the public upon request.

For Information on individual offices see our locations page.

Main Number

405-424-7711 or Toll Free 1-855-999-8055

Administrative Services:

Karen Heath— Executive Administrative Assistant

OKC/Main Location

4400 North Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105‐5105

Phone: 405‐424‐7711

FAX: 405‐425‐0343

Human Resources:

Medical Record Dept.:

FAX Requests for records to:

(405) 425‐0315

To call the department:

(405) 425‐0495,

(405) 425‐0335,

or (405) 425‐0429

Crisis Units

If this is a medical emergency, dial 911

Childrens Crisis Unit

Phone: 405‐425‐0333

FAX: 405‐425‐0347

Clinton Crisis Unit

Phone: 580‐323‐9765

Fax: 580‐323‐5635

Norman Crisis Unit

Phone: 405‐307‐4800

Fax: 405‐307‐4865