Welcome to Red Rock

Red Rock Behavioral Health Services was founded in 1974 as a private, not-for-profit comprehensive behavioral health service provider. Today, Red Rock operates 14 offices and service delivery locations as well as 7 residential facilities and 3 adult/children crisis intervention centers serving a total of 24 counties in Oklahoma and employing nearly 450 professionals including Psychiatrists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Registered Nurses, Case Managers, administrative and supporting staff.


Adult Crisis Unit:
“I feel so much better since I have come to Red Rock. I have been to several facilities, but I did not get the help like Red Rock provided. I feel like a new person, so thank you to all the people that helped make a difference in my life.” “I was treated wonderfully here and I recommend Red Rock to anyone that has any kind of a crisis in their life.”
“I really like this place. You guys are a lot of help to me and other people. I would refer anyone to this clinic for help on their problems. Keep up the good work Red Rock! Thank you for changing my life.” “I have been coming to Red Rock for years and they have helped me more than any other place. The staff are great!”


Have you wondered whether you or a family member may have Schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a diagnosis that includes psychotic symptoms. Psychotic symptoms are delusions and hallucinations. Delusions are inaccurate beliefs that involve a misinterpretation of perceptions or experiences. Their content may include a variety of themes, such as persecutory (believe they are being tormented, followed, tricked, spied on, or ridiculed), religious, grandiose or somatic. Referential delusions are also common; the person believes that certain gestures, comments, passages from books, newspapers, song lyrics, or other environmental cues are directed specifically to them. Hallucinations include visual—seeing things that no one else sees and auditory—hearing things others do not hear. An evaluation by a Red Rock psychiatrist can help pinpoint an accurate diagnosis and whether medication would be appropriate. If a Schizophrenia diagnosis is made, there are many new medications available to treat the symptoms. A Red Rock case manager can help navigate the symptoms, medications and coping skills necessary for this illness.

Our Mission Statement

To positively change the lives of youth and adults by providing and coordinating their behavioral and physical health in an effort to strengthen families and support the community.

Red Rock is funded, in part, by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and
Substance Abuse Services