Systems of Care

This program is a Best Practice Model as established by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). It is child centered, family focused, community based, needs driven and culturally competent. A local community team, with significant parent representation and involvement, serves as the primary body regarding the needs of children and families served.
Through local project directors, the necessary steps are taken to ensure that parents of the children with serious emotional disturbance are active participants in all levels of the project. This is accomplished through parent outreach as well as through coordination with local and state parent advocacy organizations, the project director, state SOC staff and the local community and state teams.
Community based SOC teams are developed and are comprised of parents, community services providers, and other community stakeholders who desire to create a responsive children’s mental health system. The Teams develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the project utilizing the best practice model. The plans include an organizational structure, identification of steps necessary to implement the project, and include strategies for ongoing community development, project sustainability, and the continuous evaluation of family and community needs.
The target population is children with serious emotional disturbance who are at risk of out of home placement, who are having difficulties in two or more life domains, and who are receiving services from multiple social service providers. Individual services are provided under the direction of a child and family team, made up of both formal and informal supports. Services include, but are not limited to crisis intervention, respite care, use of flexible funds to meet immediate needs, and the development of a family driven interagency treatment plan. Please click here for a referral form.
This intensive family-based program is available to families in Beckham, Canadian, Custer, Greer, Jackson, Kiowa, Grady, Harmon, Lincoln, Logan, Oklahoma, Kingfisher County, Pottawatomie, Roger Mills, Tillman, and Washita Counties.

Contact Information

Custer, Washita, Blaine, Beckham, Roger Mills Counties

Jennifer Kelley

(580) 623-7199 Watonga

(580) 214-1719 cell

(580) 323-0828 fax


Kingfisher, Canadian, and Grady Counties

Tracie Brady

(405) 422-8813

(405) 388-2085

(405) 262-1331 fax


Oklahoma, Lincoln, and Pottawatomie

Counties Elisa Thompson

(405) 523-3938

(405) 523-3998 fax


Kiowa, Greer, Jackson, Tillman, and Harmon Counties

Tiffany Jenkins

(580) 726-2452 Office

(405) 318-8453 Cell

(580) 726-2483 Fax


Director of Children's Services

Carol J. Stevenson

580-323-9723 (Office)

580-374-3836 (Cell)

405-419-3077 (Fax)