PACT-Program for Assertive Community Treatment

Red Rock has 3 PACT Teams serving Oklahoma County, Pottawatomie and Seminole County. PACT is an effective, evidence-based, outreach oriented service delivery model for people with severe and persistent mental illness. Using a 24-hours a day, seven days a week, team approach, PACT delivers comprehensive community treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to clients in their homes, at work and in community settings. PACT has been shown to reduce hospitalization, homelessness and incarceration.
Many PACT clients have a history of multiple hospitalizations, involvement with the judicial system, and may be difficult to engage in traditional mental health services. The PACT Team uses an integrated service approach by merging clinical and rehabilitation staff expertise within one team.
Red Rock’s PACT teams are truly multidisciplinary. Each includes a psychiatrist, registered nurses, licensed therapists, certified case managers and Recovery Support Specialists. Within the teams are further specialty designations:
· A Substance Abuse Specialist assesses and treats client with dual disorders;
· A Vocational Specialist assesses and plans work related activities, including strategies for finding employment;
· A Housing Specialist works with the client in finding housing, matching a potential roommate, and developing relationships with landlords;
· A Recovery Support Specialist is an individual who has personally experienced mental illness. This member of the team is in a unique position to provide insight to both clients and staff on the effects of mental illness and to suggest possible treatment strategies.
There are several unique characteristics of the PACT model:
The Team is the primary provider of service and has the responsibility to help clients meet needs in all aspects of living in the community.
The majority of PACT’s treatment and rehabilitation interventions take place “in the community” – the client’s own residence and neighborhood, at employment sites, and in the same places other people spend their leisure time.
Treatment is highly individualized across clients and across time. This is vital given the great diversity among persons with severe mental illnesses.
The PACT Team assumes the responsibility to do whatever needs to be done to assist clients meet their individual goals and treatment needs.
PACT services are delivered in a continuous rather than a time-limited framework.