A Message from the CEO

It has been another exciting year! In the last few years there has been national focus on the importance of timely, appropriate behavioral health services and the integration of primary health care aimed at treating the whole person. Statistics show that Oklahoman’s that have a mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder are dying on average 30 years younger than the average population. To address these disparities and save lives, Red Rock was awarded the Health Home Services in 17 counties for Adults and 25 counties for kids. Red Rock has hired many new staff to work with our consumers for better physical health and Red Rock is well underway in providing high quality integrated services to our consumers. The Affordable Care Act, bringing some of the most significant reforms to behavioral health in our nation’s history, will result in expanded coverage, parity, and advances in the use of technology to improve access and reduce costs in the future.

Red Rock opened two new offices in southwest Oklahoma this past year, one in Hobart and Altus. Expansion in funding has allowed a new Drug Court and Systems of Care program in those areas. Red Rock is near completion of a state of the art Trauma Informed Children’s Center at our 4130 N. Lincoln location in Oklahoma City. We are very excited about this and about expanding our psychiatric services to youth!

I look forward to the years ahead; the horizon looks challenging as always, but full of possibilities. Our focus for FY 2016 will include continued expansion of our Substance Abuse Services and Medicated Assisted Treatment, improving our Access Call Center to improve consumer quality of care, and rolling out a new Electronic Health Record and discovering how our advances in technology can help us better engage and involve our consumers in their healthcare decisions and management of their own health.

Verna Foust
Chief Executive Officer